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Get Attribute from vRO Configuration Element


  vRO Package with Example com.vmware.pso.util.getAttributeFromConfigurationElement Only the Action getConfigElementAttribute  

Change next number in vRA machine prefix

Scriptable Task Inputs / Outputs Workflow Attributes Workflow package com.vmware.pso.vra.updatenextmachineprefixnumber

vRo Action Apply VM Hostprofile with Powershell

var psScript = “ psScript +=‘ $esxHost = „‚ + esxHost.name + ‚“\n‘; psScript +=‘ $profileName = „‚ + profileName + ‚“\n‘; psScript +=‘ $userName = „‚ + userName + ‚“\n‘; psScript +=‘ $passwd = „‚ + passwd + ‚“\n‘; psScript +=‘ $vCenter = „‚ + vCenter.name.split(„/“)[2].split(„:“)[0] + ‚“\n‘; psScript +=’try\n‘; psScript +='{\n‘; psScript +=‘…

Add item to Array if not exists

This function add an element to an array if it not exists


REST Call from vRO to Loginsight to get Events from Loginsigth

Get events from Loginsight through vRO  

package: com.vmware.loginsight   Create new Alert in Log Insight Create an alert in LogInsight which will be send to vROPs. In this case a alert will be generated in case of a new Folder is created in the vCenter Server Define a Notification Event in vROPs Navigate…

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Get vCenter VM by Name


vRA REST Client Code snippsets Example

You can find the Servives under https://kb.net4future.de/vra-rest-endpoints-using-for-vro-createrestclient You create a Rest Client with the service name. For example com.vmware.csp.core.properties.service (Property Service) and add on the end .api to get access to the vRA API. com.vmware.csp.core.properties.service.api   Create or Update Property Definitions from a given JSON Input

  The green marked is the link to…

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Convert milliseconds into hours, minutes, second and milliseconds