Change vRA max concurrent provisioning value

Change it on Global level (Manager Service)

  1. Login in to your vrA IaaS ( the Windows machine) server where the Manager Service is running. In case of you have more then one instance (HA) you have to change it on all nodes.
  2. Navigate to the vRA Manager Service installation directory e.g. „C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\vCAC\Server“
  3. Locate the „ManagerService.exe.config“ file, BACKUP this file, then open it

4. Search for „workflowTimeoutConfigurationSection“

5. Navigate to the „MaxOutstandingResourceIntensiveWorkItems“ and change the value as desired

6. Restart the vCloud Automation Center service

7. Repeat on any Manager Service HA nodes

Just for information a list with other config parameters where can changed in this configuration file

  • CloneExecutionTimeout   – Virtual provisioning execution timeout interval
  • SetupOSExecutionTimeout   – Virtual provisioning execution timeout interval
  • CloneTimeout   – Virtual provisioning clone delivery timeout interval
  • SetupOSTimeout   – Virtual provisioning setup OS delivery timeout interval
  • CloudInitializeProvisioning   – Cloud provisioning initialization timeout interval
  • MaxOutstandingDataCollectionWorkItems   – Concurrent data collection limit
  • InventoryTimeout   – Inventory data collection execution timeout interval
  • PerformanceTimeout   – Performance data collection execution timeout interval
  • StateTimeout   – State data collection execution timeout interval


Change it on per Agent level

The „MaxOutstandingResourceIntensiveWorkItems“ set the concurrency on global level, the „activeQueueSize” is the parameter where you can change the concurrency on agent level. The default value is 10, this means the agent can handle max. 10 concurrent 10 operations (not only provisionings), if the 10 concurrent operations are reached then the next operation are start to queue up.

  1. Log in to your vRA IaaS server that host the Agent(s)
  2. Navigate to the vRA Agent directory e.g. „C:\Program Files x86\VMware\vCAC\Agents\%agent_name%
  3. Navigate to the „VRMAgent.exe.config“ file, BACKUP this file, then open it

4. Search for the section „serviceConfiguration“

5. Find “activeQueueSize”, change the default value from 10 to the desired number

6. Save the changes and close the file

7. Restart the appropriate agent service

8. Repeat on any HA pairs



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